What We Do

We create, we innovate, we solve problems. And we have a burning desire to drive technology forward.

It’s why we continually invest in research and development, challenging the technical capabilities of our products and solutions to deliver what you need.

Although you won’t see our products directly, they are behind the manufacture of a wide range of products found in commercial environments, on the road, in the sky and in our oceans. They’re expertly crafted to meet the demands of the toughest applications and the highest technical requirements.

Businesswoman and businessman looking at a laptop together


Our support is more technical than you might have experienced before. 

That’s what comes with employing a highly skilled team of industry specialists who truly believe in what they do. We’re dynamic, we adapt to industry change and respond quickly to your needs. This means we find smarter ways to accomplish projects, saving you time and money, and add value wherever we can.

We have the capability to create bespoke formulations and innovative new materials to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Grey automotive vehicle


From concept car modelling to hypercar production, you can trust us to deliver a range of prototyping and tooling materials to meet your needs. Choose from styling boards for prototyping, through to pattern and tooling materials for composite production, every step of the automotive process is covered.


We specialise in the delivery of modelling and tooling materials for the design and production of aircraft interiors through to the development of future aircraft, utilising novel lightweight materials

Aircraft on an airfield
General manufacturing factory


Our materials are adaptable to meet a wide range of manufacturing applications, from prototypes and architectural models to film and theatre props, to food packaging to metal hammer forming. 


Our materials meet the demands of even the toughest applications. Our range of specially engineered polyurethane materials is ideal for use in the production of jigs and fixtures, vacuum forming tools, foundry patterns and for hammer forming applications.

Close up of molten metal being poured into a mold
Marine boat at sea


From the production of commercial and leisure boats and high-performance yachts to interior fit-outs of super yachts, we have a range of solutions to support you.


We have a proud heritage within the motorsport sector, delivering services and solutions for manufacturers across the industry. Our tooling materials are widely used in F1, WEC, Formula E, Formula 2, Indy Car and Moto GP.

Racecar driving at speed around a course
Modern high speed train


We have an extensive track record of supporting the rail industry to manufacture rail interior components, including vestibule wall and ceiling body panels, and interior and trackside seating.


Our specialist low-density syntactic materials are designed and qualified for use in subsea buoyancy applications including remotely operated vehicles (ROV), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and human-operated vehicles (HOV).

Rendered image of a deep sea remote operated underwater vehicle

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