Composite Pattern & Tool Making

Our range of high-performance epoxy tooling materials is engineered for the manufacture of patterns for tooling and moulds for the production of carbon fibre parts. Our materials are versatile and easy to work with, allowing you to produce highly accurate composite patterns, tooling and moulds.

Materials can be machined to create patterns and tools for the production of carbon fibre moulds to manufacture advanced composite components.

Our toughened epoxy tooling boards are suitable for direct-to-part manufacturing for short-run productions.

Automotive designer and engineer sat at a table looking over a concept car model made from a composite pattern


Composite tool model made using BE978 to demonstrate composite pattern & tool making

For high-temperature composite pattern and tool making applications, where dimensional stability is essential, our range includes tooling board materials that offer consistent, reliable performance at temperatures up to +190 oC. 

Pattern & Tool Making Products

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