Solutions for Automotive

We are a trusted strategic partner to the automotive industry globally, supporting automotive manufacturers with vehicle production, prototype and show car creation and concept vehicle modelling for more than 20 years. 

We manufacture high-performance solutions that facilitate a high-quality component surface finish for automotive manufacturers. The majority of our materials are available on a short lead time to provide you with a stable supply chain and access to what you need when you need it.


Grey automotive vehicle

Our epoxy tooling board and near-net-shape casting materials are widely used in applications including the production of carbon fibre mould tools and direct-to-part manufacturing.

Our polyurethane tooling boards are used for automotive styling, concept car production and prototyping. Materials can be used for applications including reactive injection moulding (RIM) casting.  

We also understand the importance of facilitating the manufacturing of lightweight electric vehicles and compatible materials, where optimising efficiency and performance is paramount. 

Every year we donate materials to support the development of the next generation of automotive engineers, through sponsorship and partnership with university engineering and racing teams. We love giving back. 

3D render of a red racing automotive vehicle against a black background.

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