Solutions for Aerospace

Our extensive expertise in the aerospace industry means we are a strategic partner of choice for many leading manufacturers.

Our comprehensive range of aerospace materials are engineered to meet the high demands of the aerospace industry - from commercial and defence aircraft, to crewed and uncrewed platforms. This also includes drones and vertical aerospace applications. 


Aircraft flying during sunset

We have a wide range of tooling board solutions to support you in the production of aircraft interiors, through to advanced composite applications such as aircraft control surfaces.

Our mass-casting service, designed for the manufacture of single-piece near-net-shaping tooling with no witness or bond lines, ensures the tool is vacuum integral to provide consistent reliable performance.

We are committed to the development of the next generation of aerospace engineers and every year we are proud to donate materials to academic student programmes. This enables teams like Project Sunride, based at Sheffield University, to use our industry-leading BE978 epoxy tooling board to create a mould for the development of a rocket nose cone.

Aircraft nose under scattered clouds

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