Automotive Modelling

Our range of low, medium and high-density polyurethane (PU) tooling boards are ideal for use in automotive modelling applications to support the development of small prototype models, concept cars and vehicles for shows, in addition to full-scale automotive prototype modelling for verification. This includes the production of internal parts, components, external bodywork, styling and appearance.

Versatile, lightweight, easy and quick to work with, our tooling board materials are suitable both for CNC machining and modelling by hand. In addition to prototyping, they can be used for automotive styling applications in high-end car production.

Concept car design model


Automotive designer and engineer sat at a table looking over a concept car model

Our mass-casting service is designed for the manufacture of single-piece near-net-shape structures with no witness or bond lines, with a superior surface finish.

Automotive Modelling Products

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