Subsea Buoyancy

Rendered image of a deep sea remote operated underwater vehicle

Solutions for Subsea Buoyancy Designed with customers in mind, our Subtec® syntactic buoyancy materials provide maximum uplift for a given volume, with some of the lowest-density materials available. We understand the need for high-performance, reliable solutions, especially when engineering buoyancy for crewed applications.  With densities from 400 – 650 kg/m3 designed for use in seawater…

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Modern high speed train

Solutions for Rail We understand the ever-increasing need for rail manufacturers to improve and strengthen the passenger experience while increasing safety, durability, and security. One key aspect of delivering exactly that is through the enhancement of rail interiors. We have an extensive track record of supporting the rail industry to manufacture a wide variety of…

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Marine boat at sea

Solutions for Marine We understand that manufacturers of interior and exterior marine components must ensure that they are produced to the highest standards, guaranteeing performance and durability for the life of the component. The need to demonstrate cost and efficiency improvements is as important within the marine and shipping industry as it is in every…

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Racecar driving at speed around a course

Solutions for Motorsports Our deep-rooted heritage that spans some 20 years of collaborating with motorsport customers is something we are really proud of. Our extensive track record includes partnering with 9 of the 10 Formula 1 racing teams.  But it doesn’t stop there…our footprint also spans the World Endurance Championship, World Rally Championship, and more…

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Close up of molten metal being poured into a mold

Solutions for Industrial & Foundry Our comprehensive range of high, medium, and low-density tooling boards includes solutions that are specifically engineered for the manufacture of foundry patterns, foundry moulds, core boxes and plugs. Our wide range of versatile materials are easy to machine, offer a smooth surface finish, and are highly durable. We have specialist…

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General manufacturing factory

Solutions for General manufacturing We are committed to supporting a wide range of unique customer applications in general manufacturing and creative industries with our wide range of polyurethane and epoxy tooling boards.  Theatre and film props used in some of the highest-grossing films and TV series are manufactured using our polyurethane modelling boards. The use…

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New cars at dealer showroom

Solutions for Automotive We are a trusted strategic partner to the automotive industry globally, supporting automotive manufacturers with vehicle production, prototype and show car creation and concept vehicle modelling for more than 20 years.  We manufacture high-performance solutions that facilitate a high-quality component surface finish for automotive manufacturers. The majority of our materials are available on…

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Aircraft on an airfield

Solutions for Aerospace Our extensive expertise in the aerospace industry means we are a strategic partner of choice for many leading manufacturers. Our comprehensive range of aerospace materials are engineered to meet the high demands of the aerospace industry – from commercial and defence aircraft, to crewed and uncrewed platforms. This also includes drones and…

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