A collaborative approach to product development

Understanding our customer’s needs and the challenges they face is vital. For us, the development of new materials and solutions requires a collaborative approach.

We strive to ensure the unique characteristics of each of our materials meet a specific set of requirements. These criteria are set out in advance through a combination of feedback loops and industry insight and throughout the development process with real-life testing.

Part of our process includes partnering with the very people who work with our materials day in, and day out, to ensure success.

During the recent development of a new everyday epoxy tooling board material, we did just that.

“By partnering with companies like Shape, who are experts in manufacturing tooling, we get great feedback and insight into how our materials perform in a real environment, not just a laboratory. This means we can be confident that our materials meet the high demands of our customers and produce high-performance, reliable tools, every time.” Joel Shenton, Lead Development Engineer, Base Materials

Shape Machining Ltd is an advanced manufacturing company based in Witney, UK, providing precision machined tooling for more than 6 years. Shape’s tooling is used for the manufacture of Composite parts for a wide range of applications in motorsports, automotive, aerospace, renewable energy, and defence industries.

Working with Shape since they opened in 2017, we were keen to involve them in the development of BE368 - a cost-effective epoxy tooling material designed for everyday applications.

“We are always looking for new ways to support our customers, testing new materials to expand our existing range and evolving our practices. By continually testing and evaluating the materials available in the market, we ensure we always select the material that is the best fit for a project.

“The BE368 trials proved really successful, it’s easy to machine and easy to handle and work with. We primarily machine complex patterns, moulds, jigs & fixtures from epoxy materials and can see how this material will broaden our range.

“Base Materials are a favourite of ours and our customers for epoxy and PU materials. BE368 gives us a cost-effective alternative epoxy material, that enhances our offering.” Lewis Wadsley, Business Development Manager, Shape Machining

BE368 is positioned as a cost-effective everyday tooling board material, to complement our existing range of epoxy materials, manufactured in-house at our facility in Leicester, UK. Other materials in our epoxy range include the industry-leading BE978 material known for its premium surface finish, and BE769, a toughened, high-performance material engineered for high-temperature applications.

Tooling board sample with Base Materials etched into it during CNC machining process
Machine etching Base Materials logo into a block of BE368 tooling board material
BE368 tooling board sample with Base Materials and SHAPE logos etched into it
BE368 tooling board sample with Base Materials and SHAPE logos etched into it